About MechTek’s Crew

MechTek was started in 2008 with the intention to provide North Queensland with access to a team of Engineers who were also Tradesman. This unique blend of Academic and Practical thinking has given our customers un-paralleled opportunities to solve some of the most complex problems with some of the simplest solutions.


Design Engineers Alex Georgi and Peter Friedrich have come together from quite different backgrounds, creating solutions with great variety.

Peter Friedrich


Qualified as a Class A Machinist, Peter has spent much of his trade disassembling and rebuilding machines to improve their performance and reduce repeat downtime. Peter began his career as an apprentice and eventually a tradesman with the family business. His background consists mainly of Fitting and Turning including CNC programming. Peter has spent many years in the workshop fine tuning his machining skills whilst working alongside his Father.

After several years Peter decided to further his skills and undertake a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. With his past in machine repair, Peter took a natural liking towards machinery design and complex computer analysis known as Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

Alex Georgi


Alex completed his trade as a Heavy Earth Moving Diesel Fitter in a firm that employed both Tradesman and Engineers. His background was in Hydraulic (Fluid Power) and Electronic machinery development and repair. After several years working as a Tradesman, Alex decided it was time to open up opportunities and study a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Alex continued the studies in Fluid Power and Electronic control, and brings these skills to MechTek helping in the development of machinery, and diagnosing complex issues when fault finding.

Alex also carries out Fluid Power training at the local Technical College to keep his skills honed, and is a fully qualified trainer in Hydraulics and Hose Assembly.